m110 SASS rifle

(aka) xm110 SASS, US Army Semi-auto Sniper System

Modified SR-25 rifle made by Knights Armament
to be the US Army's new sniper rifle - eventually to
replace M21 and M24 sniper rifles.

So closely based on the Navy mk11 that both rifles are

often described together.

Biggest difference: mk11 can go full-auto, m110 can not.

Manufacturer's link

Knights Armory mk11 product page



SR-25 page

Knights Armament


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US Army sniper training at firing line

Aberdeen bench firing shoot

M110 SASS (short prone range fire)

30sec range shoot (prone)

SR-25 / m110 on TV (future weapons)

Knights Armament SR-25 – range shoot

SR-25 Sub-zero test with suppressor

Shot Show 2010 both demo (new 16” EM version)

Shooting m110 offhand


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